10-13 October 2018 | Addis Ababa | info@ladin.com.tr


ADDIS AGROFOOD & PACK Agriculture, Agricultural Machinery, Food, Food Technologies and Packaging Exhibition is one of the longest standing events in Ethiopia. It is a perfect platform to expand your business into rising Africa market and meet with key decision makers.

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry; Ethiopia has diverse ecological areas and agricultural sources, yet the country is dependent on chemical fertilizer, agricultural machinery and equipment imports. Ethiopia grows all types of cereals, fiber crops, oil seeds, coffee, tea, cotton, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Agricultural products in Ethiopia accounts for nearly half of the GDP which is around 30 billion USD. It has the largest livestock population in Africa consisting approximately 105 million of cattle, sheep and goats.

Food, Food Processing and Technologies; Widely grown food crops in Ethiopia are wheat, teff, maize, beans, peas, lentils, soyabeans and chickpeas. However, production does not suffice country's demand for food and this creates significant opportunities for commercial food production. There is a need for high-tech systems and equipment for food processing industry.


– Over 100 million population, second most populous country in Africa
– One of the top 5 growing economies in the world
– Sub-Saharan Africa's 5th biggest economy
– Double digit economic growth over the past ten years with an average of 10.5%
– A founding member of COMESA
– Expected to be a middle income country by 2025


– Agriculture accounts for 46.3% of Ethiopia's GDP, 83.9% of the total exports and 80% of the labor force
– First in livestock breeding sector in Africa and one of the first 10 countries in the world
– Has the largest agricultural area in Africa
– Has diverse agricultural sources and various ecological areas
– Imports nearly all food and agricultural machinery


- One of the longest standing events in Ethiopia
- 1st edition was held in 2011, later editions; 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017
- Constantly growing both in exhibitor and visitor numbers
- Supported by numerous local and international partners & associations

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